Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blogger Guilt....

I am a Bad Blogger lately. But it has been really hard to get good blocks of time to sit down and do it. Also, much of the knitting I have been doing is for other people and I kinda don't want to ruin any surprises by posting pictures here. So what can I talk about? I work. I clean the house. I drive a lot. I knit when I can. I read very little. I take the cat to the vet (long story, see below). So all I really have for you here are some idle thoughts.

The Soundtrack of My Life
Lately, all I seem to hear is one of the following:
The High School Musical 3 Soundtrack, which CatGirl has memorized since it is on constant play in her room.

She knows all the parts, and sings them all. She prefers Sharpay, of course.

Or Viva La Vida, the latest Coldplay cd...

Rich and I went to see them in concert for my birthday, and they were tremendous. But who knew that Mathboy and his friends would become Coldplay obsessed? His birthday sleepover was quite a sight: they played board games, video games, and PC games, with this cd playing constantly in the background, and all boys sang along. Wish I had video'ed it. It was kinda weird.

Or the sounds of the creatures of Spore....

...the new PC game we got CatGirl for her birthday, and which has become one of Mathboy's new obsessions (along with Coldplay).

What else can I show you? Oh, here's something:

Amanda Hat 1
A hat for Catgirl. Isn't it adorable? She's pretty cute, too.

And look:
Here's Rudolph pretending not to notice the flock of wild turkeys walking through the yard behind him. Unfortunately for Rudolph, he did notice, and it was either that night or a few nights later that we believe he had a close encounter with one of them. He has a severe injury to his left eye, and the jury is still out on whether he will be able to use that eye in the future. Did you know that there are Pet Opthalmologists? Well, there are. And they are not cheap.