Monday, April 23, 2007

C's Science Project

Anyone interested in seeing C's "land form" project for school, click here. The school also has a picture of C and her project together here.

Added October 2007: These links are no longer good. The school took the pictures off their website.

First Communion pictures

We had absolutely gorgeous weather here this weekend for First Communion. We were so lucky, everyone kept saying, considering that the horrible Nor'easter was only a week ago.
C. looked lovely and the mass was really nice. Everything went beautifully.
Here is a picture of C. with her cousin E. (I had to cut the boys out because they were blinking, but the girls looked so nice I could not just give up on the picture entirely!)

It was so nice to see everyone this weekend. Thanks for coming and helping C. celebrate this special day!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Slogging along

Here is the current progress on the endless denim cardigan. I knit about 4 inches this weekend, then realized that I had messed up the cabling and had to rip it all out. When you put a project down for, oh, 8 months or so, you do have to re-educate yourself about the pattern. Here is the current distraction:
Lopi cardigan. Coming along very fast on size 9 needles. Unfortunately, the contrast colors do not contrast enough with each other, but it still looks good.