Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Overheard at the Farm Fair

Rich and I took the kids to the Burlington County Farm Fair last week. It's always a pretty fun event: they have rides, pig races, horse shows, tractor parades and fair food. But I think the most interesting part are the 4-H kids showing off all their animals.

Many people were pushing kids in strollers around the 4-H animal tents, showing their kids the animals. We particularly enjoyed walking through the poultry tent, admiring the chickens, and wondering if ours would grow up to be as pretty as some of the chickens at the fair were.

Several chickens had an egg in their little cages with them. I guess they had laid eggs in the time since their owners had last checked on them. At one point, after I had passed a cage which held a chicken with a big brown egg, I heard a dad behind me point out the egg to the little girl in the stroller he was pushing. He said, "Look, honey: he laid an egg!"

Just in case you missed that, let me repeat: the man said, "He laid an egg."

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Melting Away in New Jersey

It's been pretty hot here lately.
Very hot.
(Full disclosure: this thermometer is in the sun.)

It's pretty hot in this house right now--the air conditioner is having a hot time keeping up, and the computers are making this office even warmer--but I really wanted to get an update on the blog, so here I am.

The Chickie-Doos are growing.
Mmm, fresh kale for breakfast. Almost as good as a daddy-long-legs....

I am almost done with the Oriel Lace Cardi for me:

Coming up next month: We are going to paint Mathboy's room. Currently, we are in the color-choosing stage, and he has splotches of sample greens painted in various spots around his room. We have removed most of the wallpaper border that ran down the middle of the wall--and who knew that was going to be so much fun, hunh?

Keep cool!