Thursday, April 12, 2007

Slogging along

Here is the current progress on the endless denim cardigan. I knit about 4 inches this weekend, then realized that I had messed up the cabling and had to rip it all out. When you put a project down for, oh, 8 months or so, you do have to re-educate yourself about the pattern. Here is the current distraction:
Lopi cardigan. Coming along very fast on size 9 needles. Unfortunately, the contrast colors do not contrast enough with each other, but it still looks good.

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Kim said...

Thanks for commenting. I have gotten to the interesting bit - last time I picked it up! Now it's the "I know I'm gonna have to figure out where I was" part that's been the excuse. But I'm taking it with me this weekend. Maybe it'll even get out of the bag.