Sunday, March 19, 2006


I hate to say that I am jumping on the Blogging Bandwagon, but I guess I am. I cannot resist the temptation to have a place where I can talk about all sorts of things about our family or about what I am reading, with the hopes that some people will respond.

I am still a little confused about who my intended audience is. I think I am really aiming this blog at our extended family and friends. But, on the other hand, I fully expect that other folks may happen across it or even end up being invited to see it. So I am going to try to avoid using full names. Internet safety, right? Don't want my space to become as dangerous as So to speak.

But I am going with pictures, for sure. I've heard they can be worth a thousand words. This should cut down on typing for me.

The first picture above is Rudolph the Cat. Rudolph is the real boss in the family. How else can I explain why we happily buy him food that makes the whole kitchen stink and devote our entire day to constantly letting him in and out (and in and out ... and in and out) the back door?


mom said...

I see we are not worried about the safety of RUDOLF on the internet. Heretofor he should be referrred to as "R"

Sydney said...

LOL! Thanks for pointing this out. Don't want any potential cat molesters knocking on the door, looking for "R."