Sunday, December 10, 2006

I give you ... the Potholder Loop Rug

The kids talk a good game, but, in the end, I was the one finishing up this project. I had to. I ruined the rug I previously had in the powder room when vacuuming. Hey--how was I supposed to know it would fuzz up like that? I possibly could have saved it with extensive shaving, clipping or something like that, but it was easier to do the last few inches on this thing.

We all think it looks great. It is VERY soft and squishy. A testimonial: the other day, after I had not seen the cat for hours, I searched the house for him. I finally found him sacked out on this rug in our tiny powder room. The cat never goes in that room. So there.


CaseSmart said...

Your rug is SO awesome!! Can you tell me how to make one?? My kids might help a little, but in the end I'll have to finish it too!

Sydney said...

Gee, thanks! Actually, the directions are from the first Mason Dixon Knitting Book, by Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner. This is a *great* book! I highly recommend it.