Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Weird Pooling

What happened?This is Zen String Serendipity Sport in the Sedona colorway. Really beautiful in the skein, the intense blues and brown contrast very sharply. I had some neat striping going on in the toe. But then ... it got weird.
The yarn feels incredible. It was a joy to knit with, and it is incredibly soft and cushiony on my feet. It just loooks weird. Oh well. I used size 2 needles and did Wendy's toe-up, sportweight, gusset heel pattern. I'm not sure I like the method for making the toe, but I am extremely happy with the heel. It was really easy to do and is very comfortable on my foot. For the instep and leg, I used a mock cable rib.


Criquette said...

The pooling looks a little weird, yes, but also very cool in it's own unique way. I like them.

Sydney said...

Thank you so much! They are definitely unique. While I was making them, I worried so much that I should have been frogging them and doing them over in some way to reduce the pooling, but I kept plodding along. I loved the pattern and the yarn and I did not dislike the pooling enough to frog. I think they'll be fine peeking out from the bottom of jeans.