Monday, September 29, 2008

Quick Update

On Thursday, we are off to Skyline Drive, in the mountains of Virginia, for a long weekend. But before we go, I thought I would leave you with the following:

Braces and a Pig
Girl with Pig and Braces. She smiles more now that she has braces than she did before. Hmm.

Chemo Comfort Shawl all done
The Chemo Comfort Shawl, all done and awkwardly posed on an ugly office chair.

Hanging Hand Towel
My first project from the new Mason Dixon Knitting Book, which I received last week. I actually won this book in a contest that Kay and Ann had on their blog over the summer, and it was so exciting to get it in the mail last week on the day it was published. The book is really wonderful--even better than their first book, I think. There are so many projects in there that I want to do, but I started with this one. I plan to make several more of these, in classier colors (i.e., solids) and preferably without the gajillion mistakes.

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