Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Bubbles

Years ago, Rich and I went through a period when we played a lot of The Sims on the PC. That is the game where you create people and basically direct their lives on the computer. Eventually we got tired of having to tell them to go to the bathroom and take showers, and we moved on to more interesting games. But one thing that was kind of funny in the game was that when you upgraded your characters' surroundings (bought nicer furniture, or got a nicer house), they would have these little smiley faces over their heads. It made them happy.

This month, we all have had little "happy bubbles" over our heads when we go into the family room. See why?
That's Mathboy on the floor with his Algebra. Because, you know, like, why use a table and chair when you can sprawl out across the floor?
Mathboy at work
Yeah, I don't get it either.

I finished my shawl, and let it lounge on the new sofa.
Leda's Dream on New Couch

Rudolph likes the shawl, too.
Cat and Lace

There is not much other news to report. Catgirl had a great time at her camp. She got to play the part of Mrs. Bucket for 2 scenes in the camp production of Willy Wonka Jr., and she got to sing a solo ("Cheer Up, Charlie"). She did GREAT. Mathboy had a wonderful time doing golf camp--so good, in fact, that we are letting him do another week of golf camp in mid-August. He has really improved his play, even made a par on one hole when he and Rich played last week.

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