Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Season to be Freezin'

It started snowing after we went to bed Friday night, and it did not stop until this morning around 8 or so. The result? According to the news, our area hit "the jackpot" in snow totals: 24 inches.

This is a view of our patio, taken from the back door.
Patio with 24 inches of snow!
I had the door open to take the picture, and there was a snow wall of about 10 to 12 inches of snow up against the doorway. The cat already had one front leg in the snow and was poking the other in, so I quickly snapped the picture and grabbed the varmint to pull him back in the house. Idiot feline.

This was the view that Mathboy awoke to:
Mathboy's window!
See the snow up against the window?

Here's the office window:
Office Window
This is the second floor, folks. The snow accumulated on the front porch roof under these windows.

Rich did a great job digging out the driveway this morning:

It's always hard to get perspective on the amount of snow there is from a picture. I mean, white is white. Maybe a picture of our neighbor's car will help:
Or another neighbor's house:

Catgirl was out for hours yesterday, while it was snowing pretty heavily:

But the best part is this:
Warming and drying everything by the fire afterward.

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