Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Math: 21.5 Saturday + 14.5 Wednesday = 36!

Whatever way you look at it, there's a heckuva lot of snow out there.
The snow forts have reached epic proportions.

I have a lot of pictures, but many of them look just like the pictures from Saturday so I won't post those here. I am trying to give you some different views for today.
It's hard to show the sheer volume of snow with my pictures. Imagine someone has taken a giant can of shaving cream or spray whipped cream and spread it in a lumpy, wavy manner all over our town, and you have the idea. It's just crazy.

Last night we saw thundersnow--which I actually would say is a misnomer. What we saw were lightning flashes in the sky, not really like the lightning bolts of summer thunderstorms. They were much less defined, resembling perhaps the Northern Lights. There was no thunder. Maybe it was muffled by the volume of snow everywhere? At first, I thought there might have been a fire somewhere. As you all might imagine, that made us pretty nervous. All in all, the phenomenon was a little unsettling.

Catgirl has been re-reading the Little House on the Prairie books, which has been giving me a lot of thoughts about how lucky we are we don't have to tie a rope between the shed and the house so we can find our way out there in the blizzard to milk the cows.

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