Saturday, June 26, 2010

Home, Sweet Coop

The Feathery Ladies Audrey, Lily, Melanie, Attila ("Allie"), Daisy and Jack would like to announce that they moved into a spacious new home alongside the shed in our backyard yesterday.
Their lovely new home is painted a bright and cheery red, and decorated with pine shavings, last Sunday's comics and sports section, and a thermometer so Sydney can keep an eye on and periodically worry about the temperature in the coop area. Landscaping consists of wonderful sandy soil with some mulchy bits, perfect for dust baths, and populated by many delicious daddy-long-legs and ants.
They are still getting used to having so much space, and have trouble really believing that they don't have to be put to bed in a box in the stuffy garage at night. Last night they cried under the coop until they were finally round up and placed in the coop against their will. They quickly settled down in one big pile in Nesting box #2, for a sleepover.

They are pleased to note that their new home is consistently in the shade of the New Jersey jungle. They are still figuring out who gets to sit where on the perches.
Housewarming gifts are welcome. The Ladies particularly enjoy hotdogs that were allowed to cook too long (unlike children, they are not finicky about exploded hotdog ends). They are not very fond of strawberries, unless you let them sit in the dirt and they attract bugs. Yummm.

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