Monday, June 18, 2007

All Better, just in time for Summer Vacation!

Here is our Cat Crazy Girl, feeling much better after 3 days on the amoxicillin. An awfully nasty bout with strep has had her knocked out for several days. She had a fever more or less constantly from Tuesday, when the school nurse called to have me pick her up, until Saturday night around dinnertime. She missed the last 3 days of school, and all the fun end-of-the-year stuff that was going on this week (final softball game, pool parties, ice cream socials). The teacher had to clean out her desk for me. Luckily, she is all better for our upcoming trip to Hershey Park, which is the important thing.

All in all, Cat Girl is not sad to put 2nd Grade behind her. It was not her favorite year, for various reasons. Math Boy, on the other hand, was very sad to see his school year end. In fact, he has been lamenting the end of school so much, I finally told him (and only half-jokingly) that he was kind of hurting our feelings. I am glad that he loves his school. What a change from the days when he used to go to Cat Girl's school. We are very lucky to have found such a good fit for him.

Cat Girl is hamming it up, modeling my Montego Bay scarf, made in Handmaiden Sea Silk in the Paris colorway. It's already wrapped up and sent to Mom for her birthday. Although the pattern called for the scarf to be 80 inches, I felt that 60 inches was plenty long enough. (To be honest, I was darn sick of the stitch pattern by 40 inches.) So, because this skein was so big to begin with, I'm sure I have enough left over to make something else, just ... not now. The yarn is very delicate and I'm just not in the mood for starting another project with it right now. So I re-wound the ball on my ballwinder to tidy it up and put it aside for a while.

This pattern was easy and a good showcase for this yarn. Aside from making it shorter, the only change I made was to use a size 7 needle instead of an 8. It was definitely lacy enough for me on a 7. I love the braid fringe! At first, I was worried it might be a little too funky-looking, but by the time I finished braiding all those tiny little braids I was hooked by the cool look.

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