Saturday, February 12, 2011

Egg Diaries: Shmelanie's Big Run

Dear Diary,

Well, I'm glad that's over!

I was just wandering down the path when someone picked me up and carried me over to the side of the people's house. I had no idea where I was, but then I saw it: FOOOOOD!!!! My buddies and I ran as fast as we could to reach the dewy grass and dirt.
We scratched around for a while, but then, to my horror, *plop*, down came Lily!

I wiggled and wobbled around the side of the house, only to find some small hands picking me up and placing me back by the grass! I shuffled as fast as I could, avoiding shiny ice and thick snow drifts to get back to the house.
When my friends came back later, they told me scary stories of a giant cat appearing in the window and giving my sis, Lily, quite a fright. (Not disappointed there. Hehe.)
Gotta go, though. More squishy oatmeal. ;)
XOXO Shmelanie
(This Diary entry was written and photographed by Catgirl, Melanie's official secretary and photographer.)

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