Saturday, February 05, 2011

Egg Diaries: Winter, Day 45

Dear Diary,

When will this awful season end? Between the cold white stuff on the ground, the ice, the wind, the freezing rain, I am finding it hard to remember the hot days of the summer, when we huddled under the coop to enjoy the shade rather than to take shelter from the wind. In August, it was so hot that the people brought us watermelon and misted the dust down with the garden hose. Now they bring us hot oatmeal and microwaved leftovers from the dinner table.

By the way, may I say how grateful I am that the young girl never seems to finish her dinner? Yum, leftover potatoes....

I must admit that I am getting seriously bored of cracked corn and oatmeal and winter squash. I want to dig in the dirt and leaves and eat some bugs.
Path 2
We did find some dirt to dig in the other day, along the side of the house. It was only about 8 square feet, and we had to walk a long way donw the path the people shopvelled from the house to the coop, but where else do we have to go? With all this snow, all we can do is walk up and down the path. After a coupld of warmer afternoons, the snow next to the house melted in a few spots, and we were able to get to the grass and leaves underneath. You don't suppose the people really wanted the grass that grew there, do you? Hope not. It was delicious.
Chickens in the snow
The people put a bale of straw in our coop last week to block the wind and to give us something to play with. Yeah, that went well. It only took us 4 or 5 days to completely demolish it all over this coop. Honestly, did they think a silly bale of hay would hold up against us for longer than that?

My sister Lily is broody these days. That means she spends just about all day and night in one of the nesting boxes. The confusing part is that she does change boxes once in a while. When Audrey was broody she picked one box and stuck with it, but Lily is all over the place. Well, at least it keeps her from trying to eat me alive. I swear, I am glad I can't see the back of my neck in a mirror, since she pulled out all the feathers I had there. I do hope they grow back, because my neck is cold.

More later, Diary. I need to go lay an egg.

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