Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Knitting Lessons I Learned Today

1. Knitting socks in church is risky, even when you are not really there on official business, but just waiting for your kids to come out of choir. When you learn the hard way how loud your phone sounds in a church, and suffer the mortification of hearing the ring echo off the wood and marble, you will jump about 5 feet in the air. Just imagine the trajectory of the bamboo dpn flying out of your hands as you scramble for your phone and try to keep from dropping both it and your work in progress. I have to imagine, because I have no idea where it ended up. I was not quite up for crawling under the pews to look for it. Anyone have a spare Crystal Palace No. 2?

2. Vanilla Knitting has its place: Yes, sometimes you want to be challenged. You find yourself craving *yo ssk tbl yo p2tog* repeat, with maybe some short rows thrown in. Just like sometimes you want Chocolate Coffee Chip with a skor bar mix-in. But sometimes just plain ol' garter stitch can be very refreshing. And then there are those days when you just need to cleanse your palate with a basic stockinette sock in self-striping yarn, when the only thing your brain can handle is the basic knit stitch combined with, oh, lookie, the yarn changed color. Shiny!

3. Knitting Inertia is an insidious force: Once you put a project down, the amount of devotion and discipline needed to pick it back up again = the amount of your stash multiplied by the complication factor of the pattern of the hibernating project divided by how well you took notes on that project. It's so much easier to start someting new, isn't it? Sheesh, sometimes I think I would be better off ripping a thing apart and starting over.

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