Monday, December 03, 2007

Short Attention Span

Yes, I keep casting on. Not so much with the casting off, lately, though. Here is another Multidirectional Diagonal scarf, in a more traditional incarnation. This time I am using Plymouth Boku, a yarn obviously intended as a copy of Noro Silk Garden. It is not very soft, but does look very cool in this pattern which was clearly written for a Noro yarn.
Boku scarf
One sock is done in the Pueblo Charade socks:
Pueblo Charade socks
I also have about half the foot of the second sock done as well, I just didn't take a picture of it.

I decided to try to make a hat. I dug through the stash for a something approriate, found a cool pattern on Ravelry and cast on this:
Now, of course, I don't like it. It's really, really, really, tedious to do. And it is taking forEVer. I worked on it furiously for a couple evenings, then put it down, and I'm now watching it collect dust. Ick.

I also am on my third try in my quest to find a lace scarf pattern that will work for my Hand Maiden Mini Maiden wool & silk. The dark color, though, is making it difficult. My first try totally crashed and burned. The pattern had a 24-row repeat with every row being different--ssk's, purl 2 togs backwards and yo's on both sides of the work--and it drove me crazy. It was impossible to figure it out without looking at the pattern all the time, and the dark yarn made it hard to see what was going on. After 2 hours I had only 14 rows done and 3 of those contained mistakes that I could not find to fix no matter what I did. I enjoyed ripping it back. For my second try, I found a pattern I really liked and recklessly cast on before I realized that the pattern calls for 950 yards of yarn while my skein only had about 500 yards. So that got frogged too.

Now I'm doing the KnitPicks Candle Flame scarf, and it's OK. At least the rows make sense and are therefore relatively easy to follow:
Here it is, after one 36-row repeat. It's OK, but I'm not in love.

Now Mom has requested a hat for Christmas, so I figured that should take priority. Unfortunately, she wants it to be powder blue, and I think that may be the only color that I don't have in my stash! Oh, well, guess I have to go to the yarn store! Too bad. :o)

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